Dog Requirements
Dogs need to have up to date vaccinations,
-- be non-aggressive to people and other animals,
-- have an identification tag on their collar.
Dogs will remain on the leash at all times during their walk.

Cat Sitting
Cats may seem self reliant, but accidents can happen anytime.  Therefore, while cat sitting, I require at least one visit every day while you are away.

Payment is due in full when services are rendered. I accept cash, checks or PayPal.

I understand that unexpected circumstances can occur and you may need to cancel your pet sitting service.  There will be no charge for cancellations.  Just notify me as soon as you can.

A $10 charge for pet sitting visits on holidays.  Holidays are busy for me so be sure to schedule your pet sitting services early!

Other People With Access To Your Home
Please notify me of anyone who will have access into your home while you are away, including maid service, contractors, relatives, etc. 

When You Return Home
Please notify me of your arrival home. If I do not receive a phone call or e-mail message within 12 hours of your expected arrival, I will attempt to contact you. If I cannot reach you I will make an extra visit to check on your pet. Additional charges will apply.

Severe Weather
During severe weather conditions, your dog's walk will be limited to 10 minutes, followed by indoor play-time for the remainder of the visit.

Pet Safety
It is your responsibility to pet proof all areas of your home where your pet has access. This would include investigating fences, gates, latches, bedroom doors, etc. I will not be liable for any injuries or property damage that occur due to an unsafe home environment.

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paw prints, Lakewood, CO
paw prints, Lakewood, CO
paw prints, Lakewood, CO
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